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About Tact

The mission of Tact is to improve humanity and the environment by providing strategic & technical consulting services and products to national and international impact businesses.


Tact is an L3C hybrid for profit/non-profit organization where the production of income or appreciation of property is not a significant purpose of the company.


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Tact Office


Our focus

Tact delivers Strategy + Technology to do more of what matters

Accelerate Program Success
For impact-focused business, entrepreneurs, foundations, investors, non profits & alliances.
Software Development
For organizations located across multiple languages & cultures. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner and ISVForce Partner, most of our projects are delivered on Force.com. We also deliver Android and iOS apps.
Metrics & Evaluation
M&E strategies and data capture in everything we do.
Go Mobile & Global
Mobile devices, supply chain, SMS & mapping capabilities.
Our Team has significant strategic, investment, technology, scientific, policy and impact sector experience.
Tenaciously support clients success, thereby allowing clients to do more of what matters.


Tact’s Approach

Understand strategy & culture first. Align technology from there.

  • Assess

    Strategic, Operational & Cultural assessments are performed to ensure that the office & field systems will be successfully adopted.

  • Deploy

    Systems are deployed cost-effectively and quickly.

  • Optimize

    We provide tools to track & measure impact for optimizing operations and communicating with investors and internal/external stakeholders.

  • Users

    Focus on the user experience and benefit.

  • Train

    Effective training approaches so team members can use, manage and evolve systems without the need for software developers on staff.

Looking to scale your impact? How can Tact help?