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Providing employment reentry services to men and women returning from prison


The Center for Employment Opportunities, or CEO, exists solely to provide comprehensive employment services to individuals with recent criminal convictions. They believe that immediate employment upon release from incarceration will help these men and women build a foundation for individual and family success and reduce the likelihood of reincarceration. CEO Works does this by providing life skills education, short-term paid transitional employment, full-time job placement services and post placement support.


CEO’s program model provides a road map for participants to achieve a long-term goal of remaining active in the legitimate workforce and maintaining their freedom. During the past decade CEO has placed over 25,000 formerly incarcerated individuals in full-time employment nationwide. Today, they serve over 3,000 people each year, saving taxpayers an estimated $24 million dollars.

What does success look like to CEO Works?

Daily success for CEO Works appears in the form of real-time data collected from participants. Gaining instant visibility into client activities and satisfaction allows CEO to initiate immediate support to clients and their teachers who might be struggling. Real time visibility means that CEO can catch problems immediately, leading to greater program success and for its clients.


TACTs Mogli SMS Survey replaced cumbersome and ineffective paper surveys to provide instant daily visibility into CEO client’s activities, successes and frustrations as they navigated programs and training. TACT customized Mogli SMS Survey App with a Twilio SMS gateway and provided implementation, system training, strategic tips and support. Learn more about Mogli SMS

What CEO does and how they do it:

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