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Creating a closer connection between farmers and consumers.


Sustainable Harvest is a specialty coffee importer that uses the Relationship Coffee model to bring partners together in a sustainable supply chain that serves everyone involved — from the farmer to the final consumer. Their approach builds direct, transparent market linkages for coffee growers while investing in training and management systems to improve their ability to produce high quality coffee.


Sustainable Harvest is an ``old school`` impact organization leading the sector with ``new school`` technology, proven programs and a global reach bringing incredible programs to coffee growers, coops and the supply chains for sustainable grown coffee.

What does success look like to Sustainable Harvest?

Manage important data and relationship information into Salesforce with or without logging into Salesforce. Dashboards of daily activities for quick views urgent or critical items tracked by global teams and management. Multilingual and accessible to teams globally. Integrated Fundraising, Event, Project and Training management. Time & Expense tracking with roll-up summaries to relevant record across the system. Marketing and Communication for campaign management.


TACT: Implementation, customization, consulting and ongoing support via phone, email and skype. Salesforce Foundation b-Corp Discount program: Sustainable Harvest took advantage of the Saleforce Foundation program. Novedades (Updates). Time & Expense (aka Tracker). Vertical Response integration for campaign management. Significant back-end development and coding to make it zing...

See their RITS system in action on iPads.