Mogli SMS is a native salesforce text messaging app that can expand your global reach in real time at a fraction of the cost of paper surveys, calls and field visits. Send bulk text messages and SMS surveys to Contacts/Leads with a cost-effective, unlimited user license and global coverage.

Mogli SMS at a glance:

Native Salesforce App
Unlimited users – Org-license, no per-user charges
Global coverage – anywhere in the world with mobile service
Schedule and send individual/bulk SMS to Salesforce Contacts and Leads using Templates and Campaigns
Sent & received conversations and survey responses are stored neatly with your Contacts and Leads in Salesforce
Query functionality allows anyone to interact directly with Mogli SMS for self-service information, registration, education and support
Linear (simple) and conditional branching surveys
Use workflow, process builder or triggers to automate SMS text messages or surveys when specific actions occur
Text message history is kept when converting a Lead to a Contact
Simple integration. You’ll be text messaging Contacts and Leads within hours
Support for short codes
Unlike competitors such as SMS-Magic and Heywire, Mogli SMS is gateway agnostic and will not take margin on your messaging costs
Free implementation on your first instance AND 3 hours of training/support at no additional charge

Mogli SMS


    • Conduct branching or linear surveys and engage recipients with conditional responses
    • Track sales, support and satisfaction records automatically
    • Send messages from Salesforce by user action or automatically with workflow
  • LOAN

    • Send bulk messages for payment reminders
    • Provide automated replies about payment and balance information
    • Rollup message threads to a single record for reporting, dashboards and analysis

    • Intelligent SMS used to rapidly scale a solution for intuitive and easy to use exchanges
    • Complex interactions can be easily managed through SMS queries
    • Cost effective method for data collection

Learn how Mogli SMS can impact your stakeholder communication at a fraction of your current cost

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SMS Bulk messaging to farmers and corruption preventing SMS payment system

Nuru International leveraged Mogli SMS to help farmers fight corn crop disease and improve farm yields. From office staff, field officers and the communities they serve,  Mogli SMS offered a simple and aligned system for effective communication. Mobile money transactions were also automated using MPesa and Salesforce. Now corruption and data entry errors are minimized by transitioning from cumbersome and slow paper receipts to automated transactions over “dumb phones”. Nuru is Building the world’s first self-sustaining, self-scaling, integrated development model to end extreme poverty.

CEO Works replaces paper surveys with real time SMS Surveys to prevent program losses

CEO replaced ineffective paper surveys with Mogli SMS Survey. Now program managers have live data to instantly gauge client success and reduce program losses. Paper surveys rarely left the classrooms after instructors polled their students. Now All levels of the organization can track individual, cohort or demographic specific survey results in real time. CEO can support its clients and instructors before a person drops from a program.

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Impact Carbon used Mogli SMS for product replacement reminders, light customer surveys and sales meetings – saving valuable travel time.

Within moments of launching the first SMS campaign to remind clients to clean their filters, several new sales opportunities popped up for the Impact Carbon team.  One was from a woman requesting another filter for her home and for her grandmother who lived next door. Experimenting with the phrasing of an SMS message influenced response rates. Cell phone charge up incentives slightly increased the response rates of the customers who live at or below the poverty line.

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