Online/offline field survey, GPS capture, photo and mobile signature capture.


Monitoring systems that provide accurate measurement, reporting and verification (MRV's) are critical to the success of any carbon project. Mogli allows field teams to capture key carbon asset metrics, including Biodigesters. A widely used form of renewable energy, biodigesters convert waste into fuel, heat and fertilizer. Methane and carbon dioxide produces a biogas that can be used for cooking and lighting, replacing wood, charcoal, kerosene and other fossil fuels.


Reduced dependance on firewood, charcoal, kerosene and other expensive fossil fuels. Leftover byproduct is an excellent fertilizer and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Leveraging biogas saves time and money that would been spent collecting or buying fuel, reduces deforestation, greenhouse emissions and indoor air pollution.

What does success look like for Indonesia Biodigesters?

Efficiently and cost effectively track and monitor CPA's. Credible measurement, reporting and verification of PoA's. Aligned with culture, strategies & workflows. The system will generate real-time reports and dashboards.


On and Offline mobile for field teams to track and monitor CPA’s. Cloud based back end database to store project data and rollup key metrics. Custom carbon calculation engine. Scalable system as the organization grows in coming years. Mobile mapping & surveys for follow up monitoring. Dashboards to track valuable metrics in real-time.

Biodigesters in Action