Tact’s Services and Approach

Tact delivers Strategy + Technology to do more of what matters

Operational & Cultural Assessments

We start by understanding you. Every project begins with Strategic, Operational & Cultural assessments. These are performed to ensure that any office & field systems we implement will be successfully adopted.

Scaling Impact

Our entire reason for existence is to multiply impact. Technology is not the end goal, technology is a means to an end, and that end is to make this world a better place by exponentially scaling positive impact.

Measurement & Evaluation

Whether we work in carbon markets, or with development teams, M&E strategies and data capture are an integral part of everything we do. We work in compliance markets and voluntary markets where accurately counting carbon is a must, and we work in environments where proving impact has a tangible outcome on fundraising.

Seeking out highly complex problems to solve

As a technology consulting group our niche is solving highly complex problems in small to mid-sized organizations. Look, every organization is complex in its own way. Each has its own unique business needs and challenges. But some face seriously complex challenges that seem outsized compared to the organization’s size. For example, how do you track and measure the carbon-reducing impact of hundreds of thousands of clean-burning cookstoves when there are 37 variables that affect the final carbon reduction number of each stove, and you have a stringent auditor looking over your shoulder to ensure the calculations are accurate? Oh, you also have to ensure that data entry on the stoves is done in the field, in real-time, even when your field technicians don’t have internet access. This is the problem we solved for Proyecto Mirador.

Technological flexibility

We are a Salesforce Consulting Partner and an ISVForce Partner (more than 80% of our full-time staff are Certified Salesforce Developers and Advanced Developers), but we build on whatever most makes sense for our clients. In our work, we have found Salesforce to often be the best solution for clients because of its supreme stability and security, its low cost for non-profit organizations, and the flexibility it provides us in crafting solutions that free our clients up from the tyranny of spreadsheet tracking. We also build on iOS and Android and can build 100% custom solutions from the ground up with MySQL and Ruby.

Understanding culture and strategy first

We know there are many, many technology consulting partners out there. We also know that there are precious few who are highly experienced business and organizational strategists, with deep operational expertise, who are so fluent with technology that they are the ones building your systems. That is us. We know that if we don’t fully understand your culture and your strategy before we start your project, it will more than likely fail, or at least cause great pain to your employees.  Check out our LinkedIn pages to see how much life and business experience we bring to your project before we even walk into the door.

Our Approach

Understand strategy & culture first. Align technology from there.

  • Assess

    Strategic, Operational & Cultural assessments are performed to ensure that the office & field systems will be successfully adopted.

  • Users

    We seek to understand the complex use cases within your organization, then we focus our design on the user experience (UX) to match. Good UX is directly correlated to the ability to scale. Without a well thought-out UX, users will be less likely to adopt any new system.

  • Optimize

    We provide tools to track & measure impact for optimizing operations, for scaling operations, and for communicating with investors and internal/external stakeholders.

  • Deploy

    Systems are deployed cost-effectively and quickly.

  • Train

    Effective training approaches so team members can use, manage and evolve systems without the need for software developers on staff.

Our Recent Work

Cow poo to energy

Water filtration, bio-digester, stove & solar system carbon tracking, reporting, verification & auditing. Tact built a mobile offline/online system for Hivos to track carbon impact for biodigesters in Indonesia.

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Last Mile Light

Light, hope and opportunity to solve environmental and health problems while empowering women entrepreneurs. Read how Solar Sister is solving both challenges at once.

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Cleaner Air

What is the lifetime value of healthy lungs and forest habitat loss reduced? Proyecto Mirador is working  in Central America to install clean-burning cookstoves throughout the region.

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